Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

’Toonyaz & friends

aka the “windowbox” planters on the porch railings at the front of the house.

My camera is out of batteries – cannot even find the charger at the moment, which is the next order of business – so Ted was nice enough to take these pictures for me.

Petunias and lobelias, seeded back in February in one of two Lee Valley Self-Watering Seed Starters.  These have valiantly withstood a massive fly infestation in my indoor greenhouse setup and are probably very relieved at being able to spread out a bit and breathe fresh, warm outdoor air.


See how the petunias are chomping at the bit… stretching out and getting ready to flower!


Here are the individual cells – full of happy, healthy roots and ready to go!


First, stick in two of the spider plants that have been chugging along indoors:  one at each end of each of the two planter:

 DSC00975 DSC00976 

Now, alternate petunia and lobelia until the boxes are full!


I had two “spare” petunias, which I stuck in with the horseradish in pots for the time being. 

As for the two “spare” lobelias, I put them in a hanging planter at the front corner of the porch.  I then pulled up one of the spider plants from the porch rail planters, split it in two (there were two distinct plants in one pot), and stuck it in with the lobelias.


Spring may well be just around the corner… happy Lag Ba’Omer!!!