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Shabbos Food!

beddy 016Mmm… challah’s in the oven…

Woke up this morning to discover that Ted had posted a little list of Shabbos food for both meals on the fridge…  not food he’d MADE, you understand.  Food he WANTED.

So I set about, at 9 am, creating as much as possible from the list.  I just sat down, because I had to… it’s almost 5 pm, and I feel like I have been working non-stop.

Except where otherwise noted, just about everything is DONE!


  • beddy 014Challah
  • Soup w/kneidlach
  • He wrote chicken, I made Apricot Sauce Chicken from
  • Corn (still to do)
  • Ted wrote apple kugel, I subbed Israeli couscous
  • Sweet potatoes (still pondering whether there’s time to make these)
  • I added a pareve dessert – banana cake

beddy 009 Lunch

  • Challah
  • Quiche (spinach) (but I used frozen Bodek spinach instead of fresh)
  • Lettuce salad
  • Cholent (still to do… sigh)
  • Green bean salad (still to do)
  • Baked honey-mustard salmon
  • I added a dairy dessert – pan-baked shortbread, which I am snacking on now, as I type this!

 beddy 007

Guess I’d better get going on the rest of the stuff… let’s see:  corn, sweepoes, cholent, green beans.  That’s not so much, right???