More bad news

I don’t even know what the news is, just that it’s bad.

What do you do when a friend calls and gives you not-enough information about people you don’t know all that well anymore?  Show up at the door?  With flowers?  With a hug?  “Hi!  I just wanted to see for myself how dire things are this time!”

Please daven for Alter Mordechai ben Freyda.  He’s 25, but I met him when he was 8, and he’s still a boy.  Living through his first year, and every year since has been a neis; please daven for more time with his family, more simchas, more of the peaceful adult life he deserves after what his childhood threw at him.


  1. have you posted about him before?

    can you link to previous posts, so we can know more details about this special boy?

  2. No, I don't think I have. I'll send you a bit more via email...


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