Menu Plan Monday #15 – 26 Iyar, 5770

I love love LOVE getting this done before I go to bed.  And tonight, it’s not even midnight!  What a baalabusta!

For newcomers, welcome!  We are Jewish and all our meals are kosher.  We have two sets of dishes (okay, we also have lots of pareve stuff for veg prep, bread baking, etc). 

We all eat meat, chicken, etc., along with dairy.  I do try to offer one delicious non-animal-product-dependent meal each week, usually on Thursdays (aka Vegan Vursdays).

Last week, I totally deviated in almost every way from the meal plan I put together painstakingly through bleary-tired Sunday-night eyes.  This week, I will try to stick to the plan a bit better, and maybe get a bit more sleep.

Sunday (today):  Mother’s Day dinner at Mommy’s, made by me, because she wasn’t feeling well:  a reprise of last Tuesday’s supper.  Fettucine alfredo with fake-crab in the sauce (This is an exotic French ingredient! You pronounce it “faké crâb”).

Monday:  Pressure cooker sausage risotto

Tuesday (Ted’s off day)Dairy / pareve Chili with Cornbread

Wednesday (Ted’s late day)Asian Chicken/corn soup w/dumplings… of some kind.  I haven’t made dumplings in years.  Wow.

(Vegan) Vursday :  Beanie burgers, mushroom sauce, with something fun on the side so nobody notices that it is (shudder) VEGAN food.

Friday/Shabbos (with Sara?)Maybe we’ll do a dairy meal, for a change, in Sara’s honour.  OTOH, it’s the week before Shavuos.  OTOH, we love dairy meals on Friday night.  Elisheva would be SO happy…

ALSO as usual, if you’re dropping in for the first time, feel free to visit the super-duper-list-o-mania of Everything We Eat (as well as the rest of this blog, of course). Thanks!


  1. I don't menu plan, though I cook enough when cooking for Shabbat to give us dinner most of the week. Salads and sidedishes get added here and there. I also use pre-cooked (from Shabbat done in a parve pot) veggies as my tofu base for lunch sometimes.


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