Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Menu Plan Monday #14 – 19 Iyar, 5770

Sunday (tonight): Spaghetti & meatballs with salad at Mommy’s house. Abigail, no Sara.

Monday: Crock-pot sticky chicken wings with sauce; rice on side

Tuesday: Fettucine alfredo with fake-crab in the sauce (This is an exotic French ingredient! You pronounce it “faké crâb”). (Elisheva’s request!)

Wednesday: BBQ night peanut-sauce chicken on skewers (yup, two chicken meals in a row… no it isn’t because I switched Monday and Tuesday) hot dogs on bbq

Thursday (Vegan Vursday!): Rye pletzl Basic No-Knead Boule, carrot-ginger soup or veggie pea soup, depending on which mood strikes me. Pea is easier. This meal was copied and pasted from February 8th’s meal plan, by the way. Feels like cheating, but eating the same meal every three months is hardly cheating…

Friday / Shabbos: As usual, this is too far off to plan.

ALSO as usual, if you’re dropping in for the first time, feel free to visit the super-duper-list-o-mania of Everything We Eat (as well as the rest of this blog, of course). Thanks!