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imageFriends of ours were serving these vegan, flourless cashew cookies on Shabbos.

They are unbelievable.

I mean, utterly unbelievable.

They taste a bit like a peanut-butter cookie, but then they begin to melt and they coat your tongue with the most buttery, not-too-sweet, decadent mouthfeel you could ever imagine.  I mean, you’d probably get sick of them after too many, but I don’t know at this point how many that would have to be.  A dozen???

imageThey are easily the most buttery non-butter thing I have ever tasted.  And I am a tough cookie to please, in the… umm… cookie department.  Eggless, flourless, butterless… and still a cookie.  Whodathunkit?

This company, Sweets from the Earth, also makes a vegan cheesecake.  Friends brought it over Sukkos, and Ted says it’s actually quite good.  I wasn’t brave enough to try it.


  1. I LOVE Sweets From The Earth. Their cookies are so amazing, I never even realized they were vegan until I got bored one day and read the package. Yum...

  2. They also make really great date squares! They sell them at Second Cup too.


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