Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

And the mystery thing

Letter this evening from Elisheva’s school:

“Dear Mothers,

A serious chinuch issue has surfaced that needs to be addressed immediately.”

There is a “very crucial” meeting being held for “all mothers” sometime VERY soon to “hear a presentation” and discuss how this may impact future school policy.

So naturally… I’m curious.  What could it possibly be??!?

Easy to dismiss it:  one of the girls came to school in ankle socks.  A shanda!

Or to assume the worst:  one of the girls was caught with a stash of heroin.  (Do kids use heroin?  I get the impression there are way more interesting things out there these days…)

Couldn’t be something mundane:  one of the girls got kicked out due to pregnancy.  Or could it?  I get the sense that it is something nasty and sexual simply from the reiteration of the subtle fact that only MOTHERS are being requested to attend.

Or perhaps not the girls at all.  Perhaps one of the teachers… well, there are infinitely more places my imagination could go with this.

My worst fear is that it will be something mundane and tedious and I will have to sit through a tedious meeting and have nothing in the least bit titillating to blog about afterwards.