ZERO Shabbos Food!

newedging 007We’re out for supper at Mommy’s, then out for lunch at our neighbours.

(And hey, these are my REAL daffodils.  I love them!!!  Don’t you?)

As I sat down to post this, I noticed that another Jewish homeschooler / blogger, Al Pi Darko Mama, is also officially NOT making Shabbos this week.  However, being the uber-mama that she is – as opposed to the slovenly “Yay an extra day to play Farmville!” mama I am – she used the opportunity to clean up her house and prepare a sushi platter to bring to her hosts.  Figures.

Okay, we did clean up a bit.  And no, I didn’t really play Farmville all day.  But I did get outside and finish my garden-edging project.  newedging 004Yay! 

Wish I’d taken “before” pictures, but please believe me:  this is a heck of a lot more tame than it was when I started.  At least now you can see where the grass ends and the garden starts… kinda.

For those reading this blog who come from warm places (ie anywhere but here), please excuse the scraggly look of the garden itself.  I do realize it’s mid-April, but this is Canada and spring has been slow to start.  It’s supposed to go below ten tomorrow and Sunday… brr…

Oh, in addition to the garden project, I made chocolate-chip cookies for our lunch hosts, Elisheva made ginger cookies from the PC ginger-cookie mix, and YM made tiramisu to bring along tonight to my mother’s (I snuck behind his back and shaved some chocolate over the top because he wanted to do it the lazy way and just sprinkle it with cocoa). 

Oh, yeah.  I also made a cumin-garlic carrot salad and divided it up – 250g to bring tonight to serve warm; 150g to bring tomorrow to serve chilled; I weighed it out!  (more for tonight because it’s a bigger crowd)

The salad is good either way, warm or chilled; I kind of discovered it by accident one week when I couldn’t find the curry powder. 

You microwave slice carrot coins in water until they are just slightly soft when you bite them.  Drain off the water, toss with olive oil, garlic, cumin, salt.  Use whatever quantity of these things your family likes.  If in season, add fresh flat (cuz curly is full of bugs!) parsley. 

Enjoy, good Shabbos!!!


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