While we’re on about food…

nachos 001Motzaei Shabbos just could not HAPPEN around here without nachos!

Easy, easy and not entirely junky… and popular with kids of all ages.

Here’s what you need:

  • Plate of tortilla chips (any size or shape) (tortilla chips, though the plate, too, may be any size or shape)
  • Salsa (I like President’s Choice Black Bean & Corn salsa, so that is our family’s default)
  • Cheddar (only cheddar – Ted is okay with mozzarella, but I am NOT, it MUST be cheddar).  My current favourite is Les Petites Fermieres SHARP cheddar – the only kosher cheddar in town that actually has a flavour, as far as I’m concerned. 

Apparently, the March 2010 issue of Real Simple picked Les Petites Fermieres as the “best cheddar” cheese, though this is a sliced format, not a cute triangular chunk like we usually buy… still; VERY impressive for a roundup that includes all non-kosher cheeses.

Anyway, throw your nachos together, microwave them for a while (I like 1 minute 23 seconds, because it’s easy to punch in the numbers), add a blob of sour cream (accidentally typed “blog”, then eat and enjoy!).

Gut voch!!!  Shavuah Tov!!!


  1. Hey! Guess what I just finished eating 30 seconds ago??!! :) Shavua tov!



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