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Here is the email message I am sending around... feel free to read it and donate whatever you want - or join us walking!
Hi, everybody!
This is a "mass" email, but I am sending it to one person at a time because I want to make sure you know that a) I would never just spam everybody in my address book, and b) this is a cause that means a lot to me personally. We are walking in memory of Elisheva's grandmother (GAAH - I accidentally said GRANDMOTHER but it was her great-grandmother and her GRANDMOTHER was the one who caught it and I am so embarrassed!!!), who had ALS, as well as in honour of our friend Arlene, who is currently living with the effects of the disease.
Other than the Zareinu Moveathon, this is the only fundraiser our family is planning this year, so I hope you will click the link below, read a bit of the background information there, and consider sponsoring us in this fun and meaningful walk.
Thank you!
Jennifer & Elisheva
p.s. Our team name spells TEAM - Team Elisheva and Mommy - get it?!? :-)))

ALS Fundraising Community


We thought you would be interested in visiting our WALK for ALS fundraising website.

To make it easy for you I've sent a direct link to my website titled "Team Elisheva And Mommy", located below:

Thank you for taking the time to support my site and this important cause.

For more information about ALS please visit the ALS Society of Canada.

Kind regards,

ALS Fundraising Community


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