Shabbos Chol HaMoed Food

bakes 002

Did I mention that I am MUCH too tired to cook at the moment???

Did I mention we went to a movie last night (Cooking with Stella – light, kind of funny, kind of weird) and that now I am tired, tired, tired?

Did I mention that the first thing I’m going to do after Pesach goes out is CRASH?

Forget putting dishes away… I don’t plan to have enough energy.  At this rate, we’ll be eating Pesachdik ‘till Shavuos!

So here’s what’s up for Shabbos, anyway.






Dairy - Karen

Jar g fish

Pareve cholent

Tomato – cuke salad

Mush crepes – by Elisheva, YM & me

Coco crm pie


Dorothy, Mommy

Chicken Soup

Lokshin fr/Mommy

Special Shepherd’s Pie with Squash and Apple

Apple “fritter” kugel – from (hmm… apples twice?  well, why not?)

2nd Seder Beets leftover


Iced tea

bakes 001Desserts:

  • Banana Cake (from
  • Choco-dipped homemade Macaroons (seriously – with ‘roons like these, who needs store-bought???)
  • Coconut Cream Pie (dairy – and I used potato starch instead of flour)

Still to do:

  • Tomato cuke salad (on Shabbos)
  • Iced tea
  • Shepherd’s pie

The shepherd’s pie alone is a pretty big job, but there’s still hour and a bit to go, and Ted just washed the dishes even though I have been completely insufferable since we came home from Riverdale Farm.

Oh, yeah!  Did I mention we went to Riverdale Farm this morning???  It has been such a pleasure, the past two days of outings with the whole family, plus Mommy, all squishied into our not-a-minivan big car.  Nice.


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