Scary Kosher Menu Plan Monday: 28 Nisan, 5770

This is my first MPM since before Pesach.  It’s always tough getting back on a bandwagon, but especially a foodie bandwagon after three weeks of disrupted FOOD.

Everything is so unsettled when the food is unsettled, however, and I think a week of normalcy is what we need.  Last Wednesday and Thursday were pizza and superstore chicken, and then Shabbos – once Ted brought the dishes up – actually was kind of normal.

After Pesach, as usual, it wasn’t the chometz I was craving but the kitniyos:  corn flakes!  rice!  anything with beans!

So this week’s menus may reflect that.  Hmm… what should we eat???

Okay, done!  Sorry it’s so vague.  Now to run and wash the pareve dishes so I can wash the milchig dishes so I can start on supper.  Ugh.

Sunday (yesterday):  Easy deli-on-rye sandwiches at Mommy’s house w/Sara & Abigal

Monday (today):  Veg chili with cornbread Bisquick biscuit dumplings, but tons of frozen corn in the chili to make up for the lack of cornbread!

Tuesday (Ted’s off day):  Hot dogs & buns on BBQ

Wednesday:  Tassajara red-wine-and-cream potatoes… ooh, schmancy!  Note to self:  buy cream!

Thursday (Vegan Vursday):  Black bean & roasted red pepper soup; some kind of bread; maybe some kind of tofu proteiny thing on the side?

Shabbos:  TBD!

Remember – all meals listed here will eventually be added to the mega-compendium of Everything We Eat.  In the meantime, check it out!  By clicking here (in case you missed the two previous links)!


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