Post Pesach Shabbos Food!

Challah!  Making challah again – at last!

Shabbos Dinner:

  • Challah (shh… top-secret shlissel challahs once again!)
  • Soup
  • Spring rolls (if Ted gets out to Toronto Kosher, cuz I’m not going)
  • Turkey mballs w/sweet and sour sauce  w/ pineapples
  • Side – israeli couscous?  rice?
  • Desserts: 
    • brownie (for GZ!) – from scratch, for a change
    • pareve ice cream (for EC, who’s going away)

Shabbos Lunch:

  • Challah
  • Salmon
  • Blintzes
  • Pareve Cholent
  • Dairy dessert???  Chocolate-chip cookies – with butter!

Oy, vey!  Just clicked the link for my old-faithful scratch brownies and – eek! – it’s dead.  The site has apparently been taken down over the last couple of years since I made brownies the old-fashioned way.

If this happens to you, don’t panic!  Instead, check the wayback machine; the Internet Archive site, where you can often find an archived copy of the website you need!  That’s how I found a link to the original recipe I used.  I love how the site allows you to search multiple archives, sorted by date.  It’s fun seeing how various sites have evolved over the years.

Of course, just to be on the safe side, if you DO find a copy, you should save it to your hard drive.  don’t rely on the archive always being there when you need it.  I have been very lucky so far, but you just never know.


  1. In checking out your blog I noticed that you mention Pareve cholent several times. Do you have a recipe for this? I would love to make one. I haven't had cholent in a long time, and I'm jealous of my fleishech eating husband every time he has some.

  2. Thanks for asking. Started to post it here, but decided to make it a new post of its own... sometime in the next few hours! :-)


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