Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

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newstuff 004 So someone called the city about our junky driveway.  I don’t blame them; maybe I would have, too.

Now we have a week, give or take, to clean it up.  Or they’ll come and do it for us… for a charge.  Tempting; mighty tempting.


I guess this is a pretty harsh moral judgement, right?  Like, we keep our place all cruddy and now the city has ruled that we are no better than vagrants or derelicts or any other kind of lowlife.  Ugh.

newstuff 002

It does look pretty bad, however.  I was TOTALLY planning to get it straightened up right after Pesach, but I guess that’s not the same timeline that the rest of the world is on.  And – gam zu l’tovah – I am very much looking forward to getting it cleaned up EARLY next week.

So now you know.  Our secret – not-so-secret – shame.