Meetcher ‘maters 2010!

planties 003After last week’s tomato-planting spree, I was all geared up for the First Tomato to Sprout 2010 and was planning an exultatory post lauding the victor. 

So it was kind of anticlimactic when, on Tuesday afternoon (I checked in the morning!) they all sprouted, basically at once.  Here they are at 2 days of age; yeah, it took me two days to get around to taking a picture.

A couple of varieties are more sparsely reresented:  Ildi has only a couple of seedlings; they were old seeds and I wasn’t expecting much, but we loved these yellow tomatoes so much last year, I wanted to use up the planties 004dregs of the packet.  100s and 1000s, however, was a brand-new packet, as were the “Red Currant” tomatoes at the other end… yet  very few of each have sprouted so far. 

So I’m a bit disappointed, but basically, this is a great showing.

The huge “forests” of tomato seedlings are caused by my own poor seed-saving strategies.  When the seeds are completely dry, they tend to clump together a bit; I guess you’re supposed to split up the clumps… but I just plant them and then snip the unwanted excess seedlings. 

Oh, well:  tomatoes is tomatoes, right?  (whatever the HECK that means!!!)


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