Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Last Days of Food – I mean, Pesach!







Dairy – Barbara

Soup – squash

Blintz loaf

Slicey Potto Waits


Crunchy cheese

Tomato/cuke salad (one last time)

Mommy for

Bubbeleh w/syrup bc it’s a TRADITION!

Let’s all grind up the oatmeal now and mix it with an eggy mush it around and toss on the ground and then you’ve got a bubeleh


Night 1 – Michael & Marilyn & Mommy

Baked fish

Chicken Soup


Coconut orange chik

Sweepo puffs

Sauce from chicken

Cauliflower bakes


Night 2 – Just Us

Baked fish

Chicken Soup



Veggie Latkes


Because it tastes bad pour on the see-rup, cover it in sticky,

Taste it a bit and smoosh in your mouth and be thankful Pesach is Oh-ver!

(I wrote the bubbeleh “poem/rant” specially for Elisheva, who does not like Bubbeleh, based on her description of the eating experience; I actually like it a lot!)


  • Chocolate almond squares
  • Mocha praline ice cream
  • Ch chip Cookies from mix  (ew, dry and powdery… I think Elisheva messed them up because I made them once before and they were okay)

… hmm; everything has chocolate  in it!

Still to make:

  • Sweetpo puffs
  • G fish
  • Chicken
  • Cauliflower
  • Veggie latkes for day #2

To make on Yom Tov:

  • Slicey Potto Weights
  • Crunchy cheese if we want them
  • Shnitzel for night #2, breaded with whatever is left over (nuts?  starch?)

Good Yom Tov, world!!!

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