Fast Erev Shabbos Garden Roundup

It’s snowing outside!


Meanwhile, indoors, here’s what’s growing…

Tomatoes! I got the tomatoes in yesterday! Nine varieties, four of each: 100s and 1000s, Isis Candy, My own early tiny cherry, Morden Yellow, Red Currant, Children’s Garden Purple Plum, Purple Calabash, Ildi, Children’s Garden Peach.

newstuff 010

You’ll notice that most of the tomato varieties are on the small side. That seems to be what works best for us. I probably will start a few more, but meanwhile… I can dream of tomatoes at last.

Update on my Wet-and-not-dead fuchsia! It’s growing at last, despite an annoying fly infestation in the indoor greenhouse.

newstuff 014

Petunias and Lobelias:

newstuff 015

Coleus from seed:

newstuff 016

Eek – challah beeping; YM’s old school friend died of cancer; Gavriel Zev won’t sleep; Ted’s out gallivanting; Naomi just woke up; must run!!!


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