More about Purim!

Before you know it, Pesach will be upon us… so I should really update my Purim stuff before it is totally forgotten.


You’ve already seen enough of mine.  Oh, okay, here’s one more (but you're going to have to click “Read More” to see it!).

ted's purim 112 ted's purim 104

(Note YM’s non-costume… sigh)

Here are my two princesses…

purim 023

…and a frog!  Oh, and Sergeant Pepper.

purim 018

Yes, this is the year I gave up and actually bought costumes.  Yup, storebought.  Very proud of myself:  I bought them back in November when they were on sale at Value Village.

YM took this picture of GZ’s costume, and was particularly proud of how it just looks like a frog reading a book.  Gavriel Zev is showing none of Naomi Rivka’s early fear of costumes and dress-up… and neither is she anymore.

  purim 011

Okay, on to:

Mishloach Manos no, Manot , no… Purim Baskets!!!!

This is in addition to rabbi-gifts, which went out early last week in the form of donation cards.

purim cardsHere’s the official 2010 Purim Card.

The poem is a particularly inspired one, in my opinion, composed at 2 a.m. Purim night.  There’s no inspiration like procrastination!  (eek, just remembered I was supposed to write an article tonight… blah)

When it seems like we’re always too busy to chat

When it seems like our lives are always like that

When it feels like we’re distant, or at least not so near

Well, lucky for us, that’s when Purim gets here.

We like you so much; without you, we’re through

It’s hard to imagine our lives without you

That doesn’t always mean phone calls or even a letter

But hopefully this package helps make it better.

We’ve packed our warm wishes and wrapped them with care

And we’ll drive through the slush and the sleet to get there

To tell you we’re thinking about you today

And sending a freilichn Purim your way!

Here are the packages:

naomi's birthday 042

Start with 2 different hamentashen in a baggie, two dips (black bean, hummus) in a good-quality reusable basket – just the right size! (and 3 for $1)

Add four fresh homemade breadsticks, wrap in a brand-new clean dishcloth (3 for $1), tie with raffia (can you tell I’m trying to get away from eco-hateful junky packaging that gets tossed away the night after Purim???).  Add a scroll with the above poem and a festive party blower (8 for $1).

 naomi's birthday 043  naomi's birthday 046

I think they look gorgeous, all nestled in like that!

And the wonderful thing is that they fit PERFECTLY into our Superstore shopping bins… making it relatively easy to shlep all of them out to the car.

naomi's birthday 045

Between the donation cards we mailed and the few I was able to deliver after hearing the megillah in the morning, there were only about 14 left for Ted to deliver.  Oh, plus the six Elisheva decided she wanted to give to her friends.

Sigh… last Sunday, I asked her what she wanted to do, and told her I’d contribute $15 towards her shalach manos.  She could spend it all on one person, spend $5 each on three people, etc.  Anyway, she totally stalled on the project all week, until YESTERDAY MORNING when she freaked out screaming because she had to deliver to seven friends and why hadn’t I said anything sooner?!?!?

Anyway, it turned out just fine, even if Ted didn’t even set out to deliver until 1:30.  He made it back in plenty of time, and by keeping the seudah simple, everybody stayed (relatively) calm.

Oh, yeah…

The Seudah!

naomi's birthday 059I kept it simple!  I have discovered that if you knock people’s socks off with a good dramatic loaf of bread, they won’t bug you for lots and lots of other kinds of food.  Or maybe they were just being polite (but being my family, I highly doubt that).

Our Purim menu (literally, this was it):  Onion-Poppy Seed Twist Loaf (amazing bread!), very plain lasagna, broccoli soup, birthday cake, ice cream.

And that really was all there was to it!


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