Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Menu Plan Monday: 21 Adar, 5770 (kosher, delicious, even a little vegan)

So what’s up for this coming week, foodwise…?

As we head into the home stretch towards Pesach, I used up some chometz today in the form of FLOUR, transforming it into two batches of easy peasy no-knead dough (one rye, one white)!  Now all I have to do is figure out two meals which include these two batches of delicious homemade bread… shouldn’t be too tough!

springs 003

As always, I reserve the right to flesh out / change these plans as I see fit!!!

Monday:  Easy lasagna, homemade bread

Tuesday (Ted’s late day, Parks & Rec reg a.m.):  Hmm… I’m still in a meatballs mood; maybe meatballs and mashed potatoes?  Because we’re having pasta tonight.

Wednesday (more Parks & Rec reg a.m.):  Fish nite (Ted wants fish & chips; I dunno)  Oooh!  Inspired by other MPM mamas, maybe I’ll make Teriyaki Salmon!!!

Thursday (Ted’s off day, Vegan Vursday):  Rye bread, pea soup, beanie burgers…?

Friday (Shabbos):  Out at people’s house who we don’t know all that well…

And there we go; it took a while, but we’re DONE for another week!!!

Remember:  you can always visit THIS comprehensive list of all the suppers so far to see what all the things are that we eat.  I hope it will inspire somebody to get cooking!  (maybe me)