Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another Tuesday, another growing report!

Yup, it seems like about 30 seconds, but it’s actually been a whole week since my last indoor garden growing report update!

This one’s a quickie, more of a round-up…

Basil and parsley:  all up now but a few parsleys, and a mysteriously empty basil puck.  Weird because lots of seeds went into it, and none of the others have had trouble.  I should drop a few more seeds onto that one…

 growy things 009

Black Dragon Coleus:  (back row in the picture above)  Real leaves are emerging and they’re starting to cutely show their distinctive dark colouring.  Trying to figure out how I will separate these so as to save as many of the little plants as possible… :-o

growy things 010

(ignore the “heliotrope” and “zinnia” labels behind the plants; those are from last year)

Lobelia:  Have had their first thinning.  Without my snippy-snip tiny sewing scissors, I was forced to cut a crude “path” through the middle of each cell to eliminate excess plants.  I will try to find smaller scissors so I can do it with more finesse from now on.  There will only be 8-10 plants (or fewer) in each cell by the time I’m done.  These seeds are so tiny, but still… I shouldn’t have sown so many, I guess.

 growy things 006

Laura Bush Petunia:  True leaves emerging!  And I was very restrained in seeding these; I doubt they’ll need any thinning at all!

growy things 007

Okay, I couldn’t resist.  Here is a close-up of a baby petunia, and then an even closer close-up that will hopefully let you see the lovely little hairs all up and down the stem.  Gorgeous!

petunia close-up petunia 2 close

Wizard Sunset Coleus:  True leaves emerging and, true to form, they are the cutest shade of reddish-orange.  I have been reading a coleus book which has me scared about the prospects of seed-raised strains, however.  Because they are bred for seed, they tend to go to seed early and more prolifically, which is a Bad Thing in the world of coleus.  Makes sense to me; I guess I’ll just have to vigilant and watch for those flower stalks so I can pinch them off when they rear their heads.

  growy things 008 

And that really is it for the roundup… for today!

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  1. they are so darn cute! i'm so jealous:-)

    i just don't have space to set seedlings but these are so cute i might have to figure it out next year.


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