Meal-Plan Monday: 17 Shevat, 5760


Just the meals… so far.  As before, I will flesh stuff out and change it around as we go along.  But  here’s what I’m thinking so far.


alef bais 005Monday (Ted’s off day)Pasta:  penne casserole with cottage cheese & spinach (like a lasagna but easier)… carrots roasted in maple syrup/cider.  In photo, l-r, cottage cheese puréed with spinach, tin of tomatoes, puréed and mixed with tin of tomato sauce, bowl of oven-roasted yellow pepper and zucchini, carrots.


coleus 006 Tuesday:  Beef ribs, crock pot overnight.    This was AMAZING!  I used “Mortimer’s Mom’s” fruity barbecue sauce, using ketchup and vinegar in the recipe, with a bit of tabasco thrown in for good measure.  I didn’t have peaches for the sauce, so I puréed in a tin of pears instead.  It’s like “purée week” around here!  Served with Shabbos leftovers and amazing no-knead rye bread.


Wednesday:  Stir fry… meat, with rice stick noodles.  A friend was having stir-fry last week and got me totally obsessed.

Thursday (Ted’s late day – Vegan Vursday!)Pareve chili w/cornbread

Shabbos:  (no clue!!!)


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