Homeschool Humpday Snow Day

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So I declared a Snow Day (to which somebody witty posted on facebook:  “At regular schools, a snow day means you get to stay home.  So are you shlepping your kids to school?”).  Ha ha ha… I wish.

But what it really means is STAY IN JAMMIES.  It’s therapeutic; the longer you spend in pyjamas, the more recovered you feel.  We all stayed in jammies until at least 1 p.m.

What it also means is MAKE COOKIES.  I had half a batch of gingerbread cookie dough left in the fridge from Sunday’s alef-bais party.

And the last thing it means is PAINT.  We all did a whole bunch of paintings until we started to feel better and less at each other’s throats.

Another thing a homeschool Snow Day means is that you can end it whenever you want.  So when 1:30 rolled around, when the indoor playground at Barbara Frum begins, I showered, got us all dressed and – okay, with a little crazymaking nonsense, like Naomi removing Gavriel Zev’s socks – out the door to head over there so they could run around a little.

The perfect combination:  mellow morning at home, crazy afternoon in the gym… I love it!

What I  like about the picture above is that it not only showcases all our mellow-morning homeschool activities (paintings in the background; cookies in the foreground), but smack-dab in the middle of the table are two things:  a bottle of chocolate milk and a bottle of wine.

Rest assured, loyal readers – those of you who haven’t left off reading to call Child Protective Services about my mellow-morning drinking habits – that the bottle is there only in its capacity as a rolling pin.  I should really get around to adding “rolling pin” to my wishlist, but the wine bottles just work so well.  Much better than a cheap rolling pin could, by the way.  Because they are both heavy and – with our low room temperature – fairly cool, which is ideal for most pastry applications.

Also, this particular bottle is not good wine, or even mediocre wine.  It’s a “kal” (light, ie low-alcohol) wine somebody gave us.  I don’t remember who… um, I hope nobody who’s currently reading this.


  1. Jen - when is the free play at Barbara Frum? Which days/what time? Thanks!

  2. I totally lucked in; it's only Wednesday afternoons, from 1:30 'till 4.

    Much needed during the winter; not sure if we'll continue in the nice weather, but it would be great to see you there & meet your new little one.

    LMK if you want to join us some week!

  3. I've heard of the gym at Barbara Frum but never been. A quick google only seems to reveal a library... is it the a) same building, b) near by or c) somewhere else completely?


  4. Same building! The basement has a City of Toronto Parks & Recreation facility and the nice, big gym down there is open 1:30 to 4:00 on Wednesday afternoons.

    There are age limits, so it's not really a homeschool thing; I think the maximum age is 5. :-(


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