Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Do I dare…?

Ima on (& off) the Bima posted yesterday about her latest experiment in hamentashen:  gingerbread hamentashen.

So I’m thinking… why not combine them with my own experiment from last year (a couple of pics here):  pumpkin-pie hamentashen???  Would that not be just about the perfect winter motif?  What’s more American at this time of year than pumpkin pie and gingerbread???

(Note to American readers:  I only ONLY ever use the word “America” when referring to the continent of North America.  It’s this thing I have.  The country most people refer to as America is the United States of America, or US, for short.  America is where I live, too.)

It wasn’t really pumpkin-pie filling; just tinned pumpkin seasoned and thickened with… hmm… you’d think I could remember.  I think I just tossed in some egg to hold it together, maybe some flour.

I actually still happen to have some gingerbread dough still in the fridge (Don’t I sound unbearably domestic when I say that?  But really I just made WAY too much!).  And I promised Naomi we’d make gingerbread men today. 

Maybe I’ll stamp out some circles and make some experimental hamentashen while we’re at it!

Postscript:  experiment #1 in gingerbread hamentashen was… a mixed success.