The best birthday present!

Naomi Rivka has said twice in the last two days:  “Aunt Sara is giving me something for my birthday that will help me live for two years after I’m a hundred!”

So now I’m very curious.  What has Sara told her?  And what in the world does Naomi think she’s getting for her birthday?

I just asked (pried) Naomi again what Aunt Sara is giving her (she doesn’t know but I was very curious about how she got this idea), but she lost patience:  “No!  She’s giving me a Barbie!  Candy!  A balloon!”

What a tiring day – slash – week this is so far…


  1. oy, the confusion...

    Naomi: "i'm going to stay till a hundred years."

    aunt sara: "you mean stay alive till you're a hundred years old?"

    n: "yes"

    as: "well that would certainly be a nice long life...
    "on people's birthday's we often give them the wish that they should live to a hundred and twenty, which is twenty years even more than a hundred."

    so that's how that all started,
    still not sure what i'm giving her,
    other than a wish, that is...

  2. Oy, the pressure! Now it's going to have to be something AMAZING to distract her from the fact that it will likely have no effect on her longevity. Of course, it's said that you live longer if you have pets, but do NOT get her a pet!!! :-o


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