Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

A very good thing… and SUPPER!

Sometimes, there are just things that must be done before sunset.  Just… THINGS.  And these days I am a bit of a ditz and sometimes, the THINGS do not get done on the day they should be.  Which leads to annoyance on the part of the people who are waiting for various THINGS to begin and/or finish, which they can only do at sunset.

So today, I remembered.  Back:  pat, pat.  I feel like SuperWoman.

Supper Today (Tuesday)

  • Mushroom soup (from tins!  from concentrate!  bad for us, pure starch and salt, with bits of rubbery mushroom but we love it!)
  • Homemade Pletzl (no cheese, so I couldn’t make pizza, but pletzl is better!)
  • Veg on the side – maybe carrots, though there is a tin of peas-and-carrots calling out to me