Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

I’m a star…

Just signed my first autograph!  The road to fame and fortune has been a tough one, with many wet and soiled diapers along the way.  But it’s all worth it now that I HAVE A FAN.

Okay, so a co-worker of Ted’s collects autographs, apparently, and my name happens to appear in the index of the book Chicken Soup for the Mother & Daughter Soul.  Along with a story (personal memoir kind of thing about Elisheva when she was born) that also appeared in Today’s Parent.  I also read it on the radio, on CBC, back when I did cool things like that.

I almost want to say before I had kids, but no, that isn’t right, is it?  Before I had the current batch of littles.

Anyway, shh… I haven’t even read “my” Chicken Soup book, though we do have a copy here (plus, I received a cheque for the story). 

But if you want to buy it anyway,  here you go:

I’m sure it’s highly uplifting.  I’m on page 120 if you do.   No, I don’t get royalties, so don’t buy it thinking you’re helping me out.  (All of you crazed obsessives out there in FanLand.)

I had no idea what to sign, by the way.  I told Ted, and asked him, desperately, “did she at least enjoy the story?”  He said yes, she had.  So I wrote “glad you liked it!”

And now I am a real writer.  For all everybody says they want to get published, or don’t care about being published, they are just in it for the love of writing.  Doesn’t everybody secretly just want to write… their own signature on the inside of someone else’s book???