Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Dried orange craft!

oranges 002Well, it doesn’t look too impressive here, but I like this craft, in part, because it uses natural materials and not too much else.  Plus, the oranges actually look fantastic in front of a light source; they’re kind of sparkly and translucent, like stained glass.   I had never seen them before but they had mobiles like this hanging up when we went to Allen Gardens last week with Sara.

Boy do they make the needle sticky, and it’s kind of parent-intensive, but Naomi actually got into threading the ribbon through the top of each orange slice (I did the bottoms to join them together).  She didn’t want to do it, but I told her to imagine she was an “orange doctor” giving the orange slices their shots.

oranges 003She also selected the slices, decided how many would be on each string, and also helped choose the order they’d appear on the string.

We are giving this to my mother because we’re going to her house for dinner tonight.  So we also added a corny inscription… the top could say anything you wanted, or just have a drawing.