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Crunchy Con Thoughts of the Day

Small, Local, Old, and Particular are almost always better than Big, Global, New, and Abstract.

This has been running through my head for a few weeks.  It’s from  Rod Dreher’s wonderful book Crunchy Cons, which actually has a much longer title but I’m not going to include it here.  Click the link. 

Apart from the book’s intense focus on US political models, which are basically meaningless to me, rereading this book a couple of weeks ago helped remind me of many of the things I believe in, and that I sometimes feel I am alone in believing.

Dreher and his family are “crunchy” (I hate that word!) for many of the same reasons I am – stemming from their religious beliefs and (in their case, Catholic) notions of sacramentality and sanctity of life. 

I love this thought as well. 

A conservatism that does not practice restraint, humility, and good stewardship—especially of the natural world—is not fundamentally conservative.

Both this and the one at the top are from his Crunchy-Con Manifesto.

To me, good stewardship of the world is part of my responsibility as a Jew.  I love how succinctly he addresses so many of the things I am still unable to put into words properly.