Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Wiggle Worm wiggles on…

wiggle 001In case you’re wondering what has been happening with the Alef-Bais Wiggle Worm we started with in the beginning of the school year, we are up to MEM this week!  We have  not missed or skipped a week, even with all the Yamim Tovim, and we have had a special song and activities for every week but one (ches).

Naomi fills in each letter proudly with a unique design and colours.  We try to get to it early in the week, but it has sometimes been as late as Wednesday or Thursday before the week’s letter gets up.

Still, I must say – I’m pretty proud too.

She has memorized the order of the nekudos and now “reads” when we meet each letter:  Ma, ma, may, meh, mi, mi, mo, mo, moo, moo.  She doesn’t recognize the nekudos out of context, but is starting to catch on.  I also introduced her to her first “sofit” letter today, because I wanted to show her an end-mem. 

She seemed a little baffled, but it will come.  I felt guilty for ignoring them entirely, and worry she will never know them well… but mostly I figure we will have lots of time later on to make up with completeness what we are overlooking in our enthusiasm!