Weird toy or cool toy???

See, this is why I don’t shop retail.  Because I lose all capacity to reason.  For example, which I found at Chapters website because Ted’s aunt sent the kiddies a couple of gift cards:


What is it?  It’s the Magnetic Human Body Playset!  It is a skeleton.  With a Day-of-the-Dead-style grinning skull.  With magnetic layers that you attach, adding layers for muscles, circulatory system, organs, etc, until eventually you have a fully-dressed boy or girl.   The “skin” layer features anatomically correct girl-bits and boy-bits (you choose which one while you’re dressing it, I guess).

It’s by Melissa and Doug, so I trust that it’s reasonable quality.  Another website indicates that the skeleton piece is about 20cm tall, which is a fine size.  But is it a GOOD idea, or a BAD idea?  Is it educational, or creepy?  Will my kids love it, or be bored or mystified by it?

Any mamas out there, or anyone who wants to offer an opinion?  These gift cards are burning two little holes in my pocket!


  1. I think it's scary for kids when dolls and especially a science toy is not anatomically correct--makes them wonder if something is wrong with their body. When I was a kid, I though Barbie dolls were scary! It made me wonder if it was wrong to have nipples and Ken's anatomy was really confusing.

    This toy seems like it would be comforting to know what things look like and that all the parts are normal--everybody has one version or another.

    There's a difference between understanding the world around us and acting with modesty. Modest women don't display their thighs and belly buttons either, but would you want a toy that's supposed to teach about the body omit those parts too????

  2. I agree 100%! I have always been big into anatomical stuff - within reason. Here's what I gave Naomi and Gavriel Zev when they were 1 (2.5 years apart...) - nude, yet cute!
    I will probably buy the set IF I can get the stupid chapters website to work anywhere near as fast as it should. Blah; I like Amazon way more.


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