Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Playing Rough

motzaei 003sGavriel Zev has a new strategy for dealing with Naomi Rivka’s Tigger-like bounciness.   When she’s in his face, he turns right around and jumps on her, shouting “time-out, time-out!”

Just now, their noise was driving me crazy, so I told Gavriel Zev to tell Naomi he wanted to go play rough with her in the bedroom; he did, so she followed him to the room where they bounced around until somebody got (slightly) hurt. 

Now she’s back out playing quietly again, and he’s in the hallway reading quietly… I feel like this is the beginning of a strategy, though I wish we could do it without the (slightly) hurt part.

Oh, now here he is with the broom.  “Feeping… whole house!”  Uh-oh. 

Off to learn the sign for “gentle!”