Letter Mem Mishpacha Mini-Project

Inspired by this project at chinuch.org,  I have adapted it only slightly to make it suitable for our “letter mem” week… it’s all about mishpacha (family)!

This was a VERY easy half-hour project.  Naomi was so excited to make this little book, drawing each person in our family on a separate paper while I cut and drew on the purple house (she chose the construction-paper colours).

  bayis 012 bayis 014bayis 011

I have no idea how the extra dot got under the word “mishpacha” on the door.  It is not a shva, the marker must have slipped!

She was so proud to see how this turned out… amazing how such a simple thing can make her so happy!

She asked me yesterday, “could we do what we’re doing for the alef-bais, only in English?  Like have an ABC letter every week, and a song?”  I said maybe when we’re done.


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