Hot and Sour…

bayis 007Inspired by a friend’s facebook status (he was craving the Chinatown hot & sour soup we used to get down on Spadina), I made hot and sour soup. 

UPDATE:  Feb 5, 2015:
The recipe for incredible kosher Hot and Sour Soup has been moved to my fabulous new food blog.  I hope you'll join me there! 

Not very hot, not very sour… because otherwise, I knew my family wouldn’t eat it.  And I have no idea why it turned out creamy-white like this.  It’s usually reddish-brown and clear… I must have done something wrong when I added the eggs.  It tasted fine, though.  Made a simple stir-fry to go with.  And that was (last night’s) supper!
For tonight, maple-oaty no-knead bread and lasagna… tonight’s inspiration was taken from Elisheva’s friend Nechama’s family, who had lasagna last night.  Which means Elisheva will have to eat it two nights in a row, but she likes lasagna, and anyway, I’m sure mine will be substantially different from theirs.


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