Gifts for Kids

One of the least rewarding aspects of parenthood is when birthdays are approaching (luckily, we don’t do gifts for Chanukah), you get to be the go-to person.  As the parent, you are the one everybody asks, “what would ____ like for her birthday???”

I guess maybe some parents have tons of ideas and are happy to share them so they don’t have to buy everything.

But me, I come up with one idea, and guard it ferociously… unless somebody scoops me on it, like my sister did the other night when she suggested a guitar for Elisheva

Okay, yes, sure.  That was the one idea I had so far, but you’re her aunt,  you buy it… I’m sure I’ll come up with something else.

And then I did come up with something else:  a DVD player for the playroom downstairs!  So the kids don’t have to watch their DVDs on the computer OR in our room.  There’s a VCR in there, but who watches those anymore?  DVD players are super-cheap  now and everything! 

And then, I was at my mother’s today and she asked me … and darned if I didn’t go and blow that one, too!

So now I have to come up with Idea #3…. these are not easy, believe me.

Oh, but in related news, the little kids' Magnetic Mr. Skeletor arrived today.  Pretty gruesome-looking, in a cool way.  It should really help me answer Naomi Rivka's incessant questions about
the "seeds" that make babies - and Gavriel Zev's.  In our homemade "siddur," we have a picture of an opened-up person for asher yatzar, and he keeps pointing at the stomach and aying "seeds?"  :-)

Supper:  Yes, I have to get off my bottom and go make supper.  Chili.  Cornbread.  Don’t ask.  I am sick and tired and mizzzzerable today.  And cold, did I mention cold?  And tired?  I don’t even know why I bother mentioning that I’m sick.  Between allergies and colds, it feels like I have been sick non-stop since June.  Blah.


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