Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Gifts for Kids

One of the least rewarding aspects of parenthood is when birthdays are approaching (luckily, we don’t do gifts for Chanukah), you get to be the go-to person.  As the parent, you are the one everybody asks, “what would ____ like for her birthday???”

I guess maybe some parents have tons of ideas and are happy to share them so they don’t have to buy everything.

But me, I come up with one idea, and guard it ferociously… unless somebody scoops me on it, like my sister did the other night when she suggested a guitar for Elisheva

Okay, yes, sure.  That was the one idea I had so far, but you’re her aunt,  you buy it… I’m sure I’ll come up with something else.

And then I did come up with something else:  a DVD player for the playroom downstairs!  So the kids don’t have to watch their DVDs on the computer OR in our room.  There’s a VCR in there, but who watches those anymore?  DVD players are super-cheap  now and everything! 

And then, I was at my mother’s today and she asked me … and darned if I didn’t go and blow that one, too!

So now I have to come up with Idea #3…. these are not easy, believe me.

Oh, but in related news, the little kids' Magnetic Mr. Skeletor arrived today.  Pretty gruesome-looking, in a cool way.  It should really help me answer Naomi Rivka's incessant questions about
the "seeds" that make babies - and Gavriel Zev's.  In our homemade "siddur," we have a picture of an opened-up person for asher yatzar, and he keeps pointing at the stomach and aying "seeds?"  :-)

Supper:  Yes, I have to get off my bottom and go make supper.  Chili.  Cornbread.  Don’t ask.  I am sick and tired and mizzzzerable today.  And cold, did I mention cold?  And tired?  I don’t even know why I bother mentioning that I’m sick.  Between allergies and colds, it feels like I have been sick non-stop since June.  Blah.

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