Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)


I actually met a frum homeschooler!
I cannot believe it... there is one other Jewish family homeschooling in this city.  Amazing.
I am not as excited as I could be, I suppose because her kids are older, and she also seems very different from me, philosophically.  But nice!  She organizes a weekly homeschool drop-in I think we may start going to.
It wasn't a huge tribe-finding moment like I hoped, but I guess I knew there are not a ton of "me"s out there, anyway...
Of course, when I mentioned this casually to the family, Elisheva - self-proclaimed expert on all things frum - said, "she couldn't be normal, Jewish, you know, frum."
I said, "why?"
"Because anybody normal, like frum, like who wears a sheitel, is also very pro-school."
"Huh?  How can you possibly know what is inside somebody's head just from what they put on it?"
"I just know."
"And what about me?"
"You're definitely not normal."