Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Whoah – great tefillah site (with audio)

Well, this won’t answer all my questions about finding tunes for tefillos and other “davening” songs, but it’s a great place to start:

The Virtual Cantor

Okay, he sings Ashkenaz, but the site includes an astounding 27  hours or recorded tefillos, comprising over 1,300 individual tracks (amidahs are broken down and each bracha recorded separately).  There are separate sections for Shabbos, weekdays, Yamim Tovim and life cycle.  What a massive project!

I do hate how something huge like this can exist in cyberspace… with me not knowing a thing about it.

If you love the site and end up using it, be sure to support the guy (who is nameless, though there is a photo provided at the site).  He’s apparently doing it for free, but accepts PayPal donations. 

A most worthwhile cause for us clueless baalei teshuvah out there (and for the homeschooling kids who have to learn from us!).