Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Two cute kids - who daven!

Okay, the first isn't about davening.
Gavriel Zev, running away instead of coming inside the house like I'd asked (okay, told) him to.  I counted to three, but he went off in the opposite direction.  Ears steaming, I walked around to the back of the car.  He looked up, grinned, and said "FOUND ME!"
How could I stay angry?
And then, during davening, Naomi Rivka got all excited and started interrupting during Yigdal:  "The bunny rabbit?  Thank you for the rabbit?"
After we were done, she said, with a grin, "were you thankful for the rabbit?"
I asked, "What rabbit?"
"In Yigdal!  You said, 'shafan avuaso.'"
Ohhh... Okay.  The line is actually not "shafan" (rabbit) but "shefa nevuaso" - bounteous, flowing or profuse prophecy.  But I sure do like it better if it's about rabbits!
And yes, the cutenesses really did occur in that order, because we didn't have time for davening before my aerobics class this morning.  Sigh.
I was actually quite proud of Naomi Rivka for two reasons:
1) My anglo-Canadian little girl was able to pick out in the middle of a song a Hebrew word she knows - or thought she knew, even if she was being silly, even if she KNEW it wasn't really about rabbits.
and, maybe more importantly:
2)  She knows at least one of the important functions of tefillah, namely hoda'ah, gratitude.
It will be years - if ever - before she fully "gets" Yigdal, but what a promising beginning!
(and if we weren't homeschooling, I might have missed it...)