Supper, inexpensive early math “manipulative” and a banana

Supper: Chili with Joy-of-cooking sourdough cornbread on top. Mmm…!

chili day 001

And how’s this for homeschool math play? This is actually taken straight out of the family math curriculum. We did this once before, only with barley… this time around, I just bought whatever was cheapest. And as long as it doesn’t fall on the floor, it should still be good to make soup out of when they’re done!

chili day 009 chili day 013

Pouring, measuring, estimating… these are all amazing concepts that kids learn just by being given the freedom to play around. Too tired right now to pontificate; visit my other post for more rave about the Family Math program.

And finally, before I collapse for the night: my sad, sad beloved banana tree!

killed it 001

Here it is, indoors at last as of last night, but perhaps too late to save it. Some of the stems seem very, very droopy. And there isn’t much light indoors here. We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks…

Banana update! See this post to follow the sorry, sorry story of this much-loved tree.


  1. Banana plants are quite resilient, so long as the stem is still showing green/yellow and the core is alive, it will resprout. Just trim back the dead leaves and keep it moist (not wet) and in a bright place...

  2. That is immensely reassuring! I have been scared to snip the dead leaves because it means facing the fact that they're actually dead. Maybe I'll be brave and do it tomorrow.


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