Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Oh, no...

Okay, I'm a little keyed up because my brother was here during the kids' naptime. 
I lied to him and said I was working on an article, and then I figured I really should work on an article, so I did, while he waited outside because I told him I couldn't let anybody inside because it would be too loud.  He came in anyway, and loudly asked to use the phone.  I said shut up, and sent him outside, but afterwards, I went out to apologize and bring him the phone, and he stayed for a while, mostly on the lawn.
So - aggravated because of my brother.
And then also aggravated because Naomi wasn't sleeping.
And then aggravated because Gavriel Zev woke up with a dirty diaper.  Changed the diaper and thank goodness, he went back to sleep.
Went back to the computer, worked intently on the article and forgot to check on Naomi Rivka.
Eli came in and whispered that he wasn't coming in anyway because he found bugs at his place.  Well, then he changed the story and said the bugs were gone but he didn't want to take chances, and he hadn't put his clothes through the dryer.  Anyhow, I was grateful that he hadn't spent more than a second or two inside the house.  Grateful that it was nice weather.
He said he couldn't wait around for supper, so he was leaving (yes, he was the one who chose to come three hours early for supper - sigh).  Fine.
Finished the article, at least for now, so I started a game of Bejeweled to unwind.  But, okay, it does make me a little jumpy.
So when I heard a rustling just behind me, I turned around and said "Aaaaagh!" and slapped it.
It was Naomi, of course, not sleeping.
I yelled at her (quietly - GZ is still asleep!) and sent her back to bed.  I guess I should go check on her this time.
I hate her not-sleeping.
I hate her sneaking-up.
Why am I so, SO tense today??!?