Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

No, I’m not pregnant…

Two images dredged up from my last two pregnancies for no particular reason.  Okay, because I mentioned this squirrel ultrasound on someone else’s blog, only I haven’t looked at it in almost three years and I wanted to know if it really did look as squirrelish as I remembered.

See the shadow?  It was all people could talk about; nobody even noticed the baby.  Ha ha ha bloody ha.  Yes, we’re expecting a squirrel, okay?  And we’ll name her Naomi Rivka.  Get over it.


And this is one of those ridiculous bulletin-board pregnancy tickers that I usually ignored, but I saved it because (okay, it’s a bit hard to see, but squint) I felt that “getting bone” was at best a really, really disgusting image.  Nobody else thought it was even a little funny but maybe it was because they were all crunchy hippie bulletin-board mamas and not complete wackos like me.


That’s why I’m posting it  here.  My blog, my funny.  No highway option.