A most delicious Sigd!

ears 007Further to last week’s post about the Ethiopian Jewish festival of Sigd, I actually did follow through on my aspirations for a change.

So let’s see… we ate:

~ Stack o’ fluffysoft Injera (flatbreads that are really more like chewy pancakes… click the link to read more about them on my Bread Blog!)

~ Lentil and squash stew (from here)

~ Cabbage & veggie stew aka Alecha Wats with hardboiled eggs.  YM called this “Ethiopian borscht”)

~ Lab – an Ethiopian cottage-cheese-yogurt (“Ethiopian salad dressing”_.

I kind of approximated the Berebere paste recipe for the cabbage stew and I think ended up underseasoning the final stew.  That’s because the younger members of my family have snit fits if you serve anything they deem “spicy.”

The berebere paste, such as it was, was extraordinarily flavourful, and its tastes were unlike anything I’ve ever cooked before.  I will definitely use more next time (even making a reduced recipe, I have quite a bit left over).

Can’t go on at great length because I’m late for picking up Elisheva at her drama class – happy Sigd!!!  (okay, it’s over now)

Good Chodesh!!!


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