More Homeschool Pea Math

… back to the split peas!!!  Best $3 math manipulative money can buy!

soggy 008 soggy 010 soggy 011

And great for a range of ages, too!  Gavriel Zev loved pretending it was soup and (mostly) pretending to eat it from the measuring spoons.  Naomi was being ornery and making weird, wild estimates (“How many of the small spoon will it take to fill up the cup?”  “A thousand!”), but the beauty of this is that the learning happens no matter what, even if they couldn’t care less.  Just let them loose with the split peas and their Junior Scientist Brain will absorb basic concepts of volume and measurement.  Amazing!

I still plan to make soup out of whatever’s left after a couple of months… we sweep up and throw away all the ones that end up on the floor.  Even though I know, theoretically, that boiling will kill whatever shmutz is on the peas.  Maybe I’ll plan a whole “math-themed” supper around the soup!


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