Math Class with Cuisenaire Rods!

ears 003“Bonding” time with our set of Cuisenaire math rods, which Naomi was originally highly uninterested in and unimpressed by. This set does indeed look meagre compared to how much we have of other things (like Legos, of which we have three bazillion).

I have ordered a second set already because there are a few “babies” (aka “one” blocks) missing, and the single set is nowhere near enough for the two of them. I bought it for $20 from another homeschooling mama who finished with it; she included a couple of books – including two Miquon guidebooks, Miquon Math Notes To Teacher's - Teachers Guide and Lab Sheet Annotations and Mathematics for the Primary Teacher (Miquon Math Lab Series:) (though she didn't give have the texts themselves anymore) – which will be very helpful.

Gavriel Zev started out laying them end-to-end, just as my book suggests the youngest learners will, while Naomi Rivka right away jumped into creating basic (one-one-one-one) patterns.

ears 001 ears 004

Really, really must set aside time for structured math activities once the new set gets here. I actually can’t wait to start doing “formal” math… but I must hold off until she’s ready or we’ll both just wind up frustrated.


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