It's Remembrance Day... and I forgot to remember

Notes from a Lazy Humpday Morning:
Gavriel Zev and the potty - aargh!  He hates being interrupted to go there, even when it's been a while and I know he probably has to go.  Even if I give him five minutes' warning.  So I pick him up and take him anyway, no discussion, no fuss (except for the screaming on his part).  Stand him in the corner near the potty (he won't sit) and let him scream, then hug him while he cries, then help him sit down nicely on the potty when he's ready.  It's got to be on his schedule.
Remembrance Day was always Nanny Day.  I always thought of Nanny because she lost her beloved older brother in World War One.  I always thought of her when I bought a poppy.  So I am remembering Nanny instead of the soldiers. 
Hey, I wonder if poppies go on sale tomorrow like Hallowe'en costumes did last week???
I called her on the anniversary of Hurrican Hazel as well (her name was Hazel, though she predated the hurricane).  She was for sure a hurricane; a nice tame one by the time I met her, though she seemed to think she was a hellion in her childhood.
Gavriel Zev is behind me right now singing his version of "sleeping bunnies":  DEEP deep growly voice "WAKE UP!"  "Hop away!"  "Hop!  Hop!  Eek!"  "See!"
Hours later, during lunch... Naomi, watching YouTube videos from Israel (we're trying to find our Yevarech tune in one of the many Hallel videos!):  "In Israel, it's much Jewisher."


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