I am a Mommy

GZ was shrugging his shoulders so I quoted to him from Eric Carle's From Head to Toe, "I am a buffalo and I shrug my shoulders... can you do it?"
He did it a few times; very cute.
Then I looked at Naomi and said, "I am a choochie and I smile so nicely."
She stared straight back at me and said "I am a mommy... and I hate my daughter."
Testing, testing.
Always with the testing.


  1. Oh my! I'm not sure I'm looking forward to 4 years old, if thats what I have to face! Ha! Still cute though, from a few computer screen's distance ;)

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    I saw this great link and thought of you. You probably know about it already but here it is -
    Check this out:

  3. Hey, thanks anonymous! And Shira, I'm sure it's only MY particularly mouthy kids... yours will doubtless be wonderful!

  4. That Anonymous was not me, so it looks like you are up to 4 readers

  5. Technically... 37 visitors yesterday, but who's counting??? :-)

    But they're all looking for technical reviews of Windows Live vs Picasa, which is apparently what I do best.

    I'm happy to have even four REAL readers who didn't fall into the blog by accident!!!

  6. *Ahem* -- FIVE! If family counts.

    You should really syndicate (or whatever) this blog on your FB profile. Why don't you?

  7. It only counts if the family members really, REALLY read all the posts. Like the more subtle, hinty ones! Like this:

  8. Wow, what did you answer back to her when she said that?!?

    Even though how many people comment is only a small reflection of how many people are visiting, I thought I'd still post and let you know I stopped by your blog on purpose. :)


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