Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Hey! This is sad...

I just noticed that the Children's Storefront, a venerable mama-and-child drop-in centre on Bathurst Street near Bloor, burned down a few weeks ago.
My sister Abigail is apparently playing the benefit next week.  (okay, that's not the sad part!)
I had to stumble upon all this information... because I'm totally clueless, even though I was on a TTC bus going right past the spot last week and noticed a big hole where it used to be.
Sigh; I was meaning to get there with the kids one of these weeks... somebody just raved about it a couple of weeks ago!
Meanwhile, donate if you can.  Support the benefit... it should be fun, for a great cause.
Oh, yes... here's the link.