Gavriel Zev, theologian

Me, (creakily, badly) singing this week's Alef-Bais Song of the Week "Tov l'hodos Lashem" with Naomi.
Me: "Do you know what Tov means? The song means it's good to say thank you to Hashem."
And at the same time, I signed THANK YOU and HASHEM.
Gavriel Zev, who was watching, said, "King?" and waved his arm across his body.

Because the sign for HASHEM (Lord) is the same as KING, except you use an L instead of a K to do it. He's very into kings right now, and was playing with a king puppet earlier at Mrs. not-ViKi (she's off having knee surgery).

So I said, "yes, that's right, because Hashem is like a king. Good!"
"World?" (waving his fingers around in a circle)
"Yes, because HASHEM is KING of the WORLD."

I don't usually even think he's listening. I guess he's listening.


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