Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Consumer Reply re: Margarine Debacle

Further to last week's Margarine Debacle, I have heard back from the manufacturer of Earth Balance.  Very interesting; basically, chocolate-chip cookies are the exception to the substitution rule.
This kind of makes me want to try it again, one more time... how much of a sucker am I???
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Thank you for your interest in our Earth Balance products.


Earth Balance may be used in place of butter or margarine for cooking and baking purposes.  When using Earth Balance in place of butter or margarine, there is no need to change the quantities used with one exception...chocolate chip cookies. For some reason we have yet to determine, it is advisable to use 1/3 more Earth Balance than called for in the recipe, baking the cookies at a slightly lower temperature for a slightly longer period of time.   This should  make your chocolate cookies come out great. 


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