Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Argh! More LEAVES!

joeroad 001Here’s our across-the-street neighbour.  Notice which way his leaf blower is pointing???

Yes, that’s right.  Into…the…Street.

Lest a leaf happen to mar the pristine grass or walkway surrounding his own personal property.  To be fair, this guy has some kind of dysmorphia when it comes to his lawn and he is always doing some obsessive-type thing to it with noisy power tools.  Really.  More than anybody else I’ve ever seen. 

As crazy neighbours go, it’s mild, but some summer afternoons when the doors and windows are open, I swear it’s like listening to a dentist’s drill… all day long.  And then, just when you think the blowing or weed-whacking or whatever is ceasing, he either relocates to a different spot on the lawn or comes out with another tool.

Seriously.  The guy’s lawn is like ten feet by ten feet.  It’s not a huge property, but it is indeed obsessively tended.  And so, apparently, is the road nearby.

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