Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

You MUST do this to make a pizza!

potto bred 002I was going to say “to make KIDS pizza” but I changed it because Ted made one for himself the other night and it was superb.

At Fortino’s I have discovered the jumboest pita breads you could ever imagine.  See, at left, it fills up the whole pizza pan!

Mysteriously, it shrinks a bit during baking, but it is absolutely the most perfectly crispy crust.  Incredible!

I won’t even give step-by-step directions.  They are so easy that Naomi Rivka pretty much does them by herself now. 

(I help spread out the cheese so it is evenly distributed instead of just three huge clumps)

I’ve found that a silicone pastry brush works great for kids, first for applying olive oil to the bare pita bread and then smooshing the sauce all around.  Any sauce will work:  pizza sauce, tomato sauce, whatever you have.  If you have no sauce, tomato paste will work if you dilute it with water.

And, waaah-la!!!

 potto bred 004

Does the world need another way to make kids pizza?  No!  But still… it’s good to have these great big pitas around.  I don’t really like most pizza-things, including pizza bagels and pizza grilled-cheese sandwiches and pizza “sandwich-maker” sandwiches.

(in my silly youth, I used to LIVE on pizza sandwich-maker sandwiches…!)

apple pizza 001The pitas would also work wonderfully for the apple pizza I made for Sukkos.

We used a storebought crust which turned out to be Dairy, or at least, Dairy Equipment, so we couldn’t eat it on our meat plates, cut it with our meat stuff, etc… what a pain.  We basically had to switch to plastic for dessert to accomodate the apple pizza.

“Try a Pita – much much eeeeasi-ah!”